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Rowlett Safe-Room Page

*Assistance for Rowlett Customer Safe-Room Project*

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August 14, 2018
We will be in Rowlett August 15, 2018 from 12:00 to 5:00
Contact us NOW for Free Home Evaluation

July 25,2018

The next 50 Award letters are out.....

Thanks to Ed at Rowlett OEM for doing a great job with the
Rebate Program in Rowlett:
His objective was to assist Home Owners in the Area
with a project that is taken off in many areas
Hat's off
Extreme Storm Bunker will be in Rowlett to assist with your projects
give us a call or let us know.  See how our Safe-Room are Manufactured
Our Plant is in Dallas and welcomes everyone to come out and see 
Our Showroom  
Take a tour of our laser and fabrication shops
Call Karl (817)312-0788
or email karl@extremestormbunker.com
July 11, 2018

Award Letters for the next 45 Recipients are out:
Extreme Storm Bunker will be in Rowlett
Thursday July 12th 2018 for Home Evaluations
Contact Karl @ 817-312-0788 for your Appointment Today

Follow Us on FB for our location

July 2, 2018:

*Extreme Storm Bunker will be in Rowlett on:*

Tuesday July 3rd & July 5th with our Display Trailer from
Noon to 6PM or later if needed so our customers can
See what you are buying for protection

*Free Home Evaluations*
Make appointments Today call:
(817) 312-0788 or (469) 399-1571 for
"Your Personal Appointment"
*We are the only Producer / Memeber that *

Allows Home Onwers to:
*Assign Rebate to us, which means*
*Less out of pocket expense for you*
*You cover your "Out Of Pocket" expense,*
*We wait the 2 to 4 Months for the Rebate*
*Special Financing Available*

*We Handle all papework Permits to Award Letter Submission*
We put "Our Money" on the Line for you
Our manufacturing division has been in business since 1960 located in Dallas, TX

We have Safe-Rooms in Stock "All Sizes"
Most Installs are completed withit 7 - 10 Business Days or
Once permits are received.
Exteme Storm Bunker 
Doing Business the "Right Way" for Our Neighbors

June 29, 2018
Updates on new Award letters being sent out.
Keep checking your emails for the waitlist participants to move forward.  Contact Us to set up your Home evaluations

Remember Extreme Storm Bunker Takes care of your entire paperwork and we allow homeowners to only pay their out of Pocket expenes and we wait for the Rebate.......

June 12, 2018

Updates from Rowlett.  Good News for the Waiting List Participants:
There has been a number of Award Recipients that are not Moving Forward wth:
Rowlett Rebate for Safe-Room Projects
Waiting List Participants 

As soon as I am notified I will keep you informed

May 29th Update

Display Trailer will be in the area May 29th from 1:00PM to 6:00PM
if you need to view for  Home Evaluation  Call 817-312-0788 today

Saturday May 12, 2018 Between 11:00AM to 3:00PM
​Location Parking Lot 3500 Lakeview Parkway Rowlett, TX

​In case you have missed a chance to go through our Display Trailer or have questions about 
​the Rowlett Safe-Room Project we are inviting you to come by and understand a little more about 
​Our Products / Rowlett Program Process and our Special Offers for your Family  from

​Extreme Storm Bunker
​Everyone welcome!!!


Our Home Evaulation Team will be in Rowlett:
Tuesday May 8, 2018 from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM​
If you did not see our Display Trailer at the Community Center
During the Meetings let us know so we can come by and see our products we are ready to help with all phases of your Safe-Room
​Call Karl 817-312-0788 Cell or Email us:


​Due to a great response from Rowlett Rebate Recipients
​We have an answering service why our Installers, Admin, and
​our Management Staff are Out in the Field keeping the 
​Appointment Schedules and Permit Applications Submited.
​We have the Answering Service Contacting us 24/7  by Text Messages to Insure that we do not miss a call from our Customers 

​Permits are taking approximately 3 to 7 business days to process
​We take care of your permits to insure a smooth process with the least amount of Hold-Ups
​Things we will need to make application for Permit:
​*Floor Plan
​*GPS Coordinates
​*Notice to Proceed from (Rowlett OEM)

If you choose to move forward with Extreme Storm Bunker

​*During the Home Evaluation we can copy documents and collect GPS Locations to expedite the process*

Thanks from Extreme Storm Bunker for Everyone's Cooperation


Congratulations to Rebate  Recipients for Rowlett Safe-Room Program
After many conversations with City of Rowlett we have devised an option to Save Recipients Out-Of-Pocket Expense while waiting for Rebates to be funded.  If you are one of the Recipients of the Packets being sent out today and interested in having your Safe-Room Installed Contact US:

Contact Karl Pratt Cell# 817-312-0788 or Office# 469-399-1571
for the Options for Out of Pocket Expense NOT A LOAN.

*We have great news for Rowlett Home Owners*

Sign-Up on our Contact List Save $100.00
​Off your Price for Rowlett Safe-Room Rebate Program

Thanks, Extreme Storm Bunker

Rowlett Residents When Making a decision of your Safe-Room Project
Things to do!!!
​*Make sure The Company / Manufacture you choose is:
Compliant with FEMA 320, 361
​ICC500-2014, NSSA Standards for Storm Shelters
​As a Producer / Member of NSSA as we are,
we suggest you contact NSSA to make sure that the company you choose are compliant as well

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Check our
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Extreme Storm Bunker Announces an Additional Rebate of $500.00 on Appoved Applicants
for City of Rowlett Safe-Room Rebate Program

​We offer Free In-home Evaluation and ​Free Installation​ Through April 30, 2018 a $1,200.00 Value
​But if you live in Rowlett and you are Awaiting Approval from the Application process we will extend the 
​Free In-Home Evaluation & Free Installations Till *June 30, 2018*

City of Rowlett Appoved Applicants will receive an Additional Rebate of $500.00 we are calling this a
Neighbors Rebate 
​This is a Thank You for Choosing Extreme Storm Bunker, Your Neighbor

                                                                                               Example                    Rowlett​​
Model#36TSRESB                             Dealer Pricing                             Rebate Program Prices
3' X 6' X 6 1/2'                                        $7,200.00                                           $ 6,800.00
In-Home Evaluation                              $   200.00                                              ​  Free
​​Installation                                             $1,000.00                                                 Free
​Neighbors Rebate                                    N/A                                                  $   (500.00)

​                   Rebate to be Directed to Extreme Storm Bunker up to        $(3,000.00)

​At time order is placed total Out of Pocked responsibility Paid            $ 3,300.00 + Tax
​Rebate Recipient will assign Rebate to ESB Maximum of                        $3,000.00
​Time Frame of Receipt of Rebate from City of Rowlett is 2 to 6 months after completion once Final Documents are submitted and approved.