Extreme Storm Bunker

Q: Besides FEMA guidance, what other codes and standards            apply to storm shelters and safe rooms?.

Q: Can I install the Extreme Storm Bunker myself?

Q: Where can I install my Extreme Storm Bunker?

A: Yes. The door of the Extreme Storm Bunker has              three latching mechanisms, the door frame is                  adequately connected to the structure, and the                latching mechanisms engage without undue                    force.

Q: Is Extreme Storm Bunker ADA compliant?

A: Yes. FEMA provides guidance on the location of residential                safe rooms in relation to flood hazards mapped by FEMA.                  Per FEMA P-361 (FEMA, 2008b), flood hazards should be                    considered when designing a residential safe room. For                      information on the lowest floor used for safe-room space or              safe-room support areas, see FEMA P-361 (FEMA, 2008b),                  Section 3.6.2.

A: To have an officially registered ICC 500/NSSA-2014 compliant storm      shelter, your Extreme Storm Bunker must be installed by an                  NSSA-certified contractor. An Extreme Storm Bunker that is                    professionally installed by an NSSA-certified contractor will                    withstand an EF5 tornado and winds in excess of 250 mph.                    You can install the Extreme Storm Bunker yourself with                          a hammer drill and proper bolts. Contact us for manufacturer              specifications for self-installation.

A: Yes, the Extreme Storm Bunker is adequately vented per                      FEMA guidelines, and the vents are protected from intrusion              of wind-borne debris.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many sizes are available?

Q: Is the Extreme Storm Bunker vented?

A: ADA-compliant models are available upon request.

A: In August 2008, the International Code Council (ICC), with                 the support of the National Storm Shelter Association                       (NSSA), released a consensus standard on the design and                 construction of storm shelters, Standard for the Design and             Construction of Storm Shelters, also known as the ICC 500. 

    This standard codifies the extreme wind-shelter                                 recommendations of FEMA P-361. The Extreme Storm                       Bunker conforms to the requirements of the ICC/NSSA                     Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters             (ICC 500-2014) and the Design and Construction Guidance               for Community Safe Rooms (FEMA P-361, Third Edition /                   August 2015)

Q: Are there any restrictions for the location of a FEMA                      residential safe room?

Q: Is the door designed to meet the impact and wind                        requirements?

We have eight standard sizes. Visit our storm shelters pageto                  see all of our standard sizes.

Q: Can I install my Extreme Storm Bunker on a concrete pad that      is separate from my house?

A: Yes, as long as your slab meets manufacturer requirements.                Contact us for details on requirements for concrete slabs.

A: You can install it anywhere in your home, office or garage as                      long as it is anchored according to the manufacturer’s                                specifications into a reinforced concrete slab. Our modular                        design allows your safe room to be assembled inside the room                  where it will be located, meaning that you can fit the ESB                            through any size door prior to assembly and installation.