Trust over 50 years of experience in manufacturing and fabrication

​Engineering the perfect storm shelter

Creating one of the best above-ground storm shelter on the market doesn't happen by accident, nor does it happen overnight. Our designers and engineers meticulously planned and thought through many possibilities, utilizing 3-D CAD to design and refine the Extreme Storm Bunker.

Throughout the research and development process, our team analyzed many models, materials, and manufacturing techniques. The primary goal was to provide one of the safest storm shelter possible, but we didn't stop there. We wanted the Extreme Storm Bunker to be expandable and modular, so that it can be installed in existing homes or offices.

Prototypes were built, designs were revised, and manufacturing processes were fine-tuned until we knew we had a storm shelter that we would trust with our own families. When tested at the Wind Research Center at Texas Tech, the Extreme Storm Bunker passed FEMA's testing requirements with flying colors. When installed by NSSA-certified installers, the Extreme Storm Bunker conforms to the requirements of the FEMA 320, 361, ICC/NSSA Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters (ICC 500-2014).

Design, Testing & Improvements

Extreme Storm Bunker

The Extreme Storm Bunker is designed, engineered, and manufactured by Wooten Metal. With its precision state-of-the-art equipment and experienced master fabricators, Wooten Metal has produced custom products since 1964. The company consistently maintains the highest standards of quality for every Extreme Storm Bunker.

The Extreme Storm Bunker was developed by industrial designers, structural engineers, and master craftsmen with safety in mind. Our safe room / storm shelter is intentionally over-engineered to provide maximum safety for families or groups facing a tornado or other extreme storm situation. The Extreme Storm Bunker team spent over a year in planning, designing, and engineering to create one of the best above-ground storm shelter on the market.

Watch the video of the Extreme Storm Bunker withstanding the simulated impact of an EF5 tornado.